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Dr. Infrared Large Bedbug Heater (112"x58"x79")

Dr. Infrared Large Bedbug Heater (112"x58"x79")

Brand: Dr Infrared Heater


  • Wipes out 100% of bed bugs of all forms
  • Safe, powerful, and non-toxic form of treatment
  • Easy to set up and load infected items for treatment
  • Sizable service space: (112L x 58W x 79H inches)
  • Ideal for treating many infested items such as sofas, beds, desks and much more

Publisher: Dr. Infrared Heater

Details: The DR-122X4 large size bedbug heater system terminates bed bugs of all types, even growth stages like eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs, making this the perfect non-toxic natural bed-bug treatment system. This system is large enough to treat bed bug infested items such as: sofas, beds, desks, seats, footwear, books, dressers, night stands, clothes, sheeting, appliances, and much more when you're ready to start toasting the bed bugs here's a few things to note: the DR-122X4 takes approximately 10 minutes to assemble. Due to the size of the product, we recommend a minimum of 150 sq ft space for set up. This bedbug heater system requires a total of 50 amps or 6, 000 watts to operate. Each heater needs to be plugged into a 120V Outlet and each Outlet needs to be on its own Circuit. The four heaters may need to use four extension cords (not included in package). a typical residential and/or commercial building has one Circuit per room. Do not use extension cords rated below 1500 watts or under 16 gauge.

UPC: 856957005519

EAN: 0856957005519

Package Dimensions: 69.5 x 15.3 x 12.0 inches