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Top 4 Best Spider Killer Sprays

All Natural Spider Repellents

Which are the Best Spider Killer Products?

For many of us, spiders are just plain yucky. We hate 'em. We want them out of our house, out of our yards, and as far away from our families and pets as possible. But why are spiders hanging around in the first place, and is getting rid of spiders as simple as spraying a spider killer or spider repellent anywhere and everywhere? We've taken a look at some of the best spider killer products to help you choose the product to get rid of spiders quickly. 

Why are spiders around my home? 

Spiders are usually pretty predictable creatures, and knowing how to get rid of them can help. Although different species of spiders have their own unique behaviors and habitats, any spider species you may have is undoubtedly there because the environment in or around your home is favorable for them to be there. The larger the spider concentration, the more favorable the conditions are likely to be. And vice versa. So before beginning any spider treatment program, be sure to consider those environmental factors that might be creating this ideal spider habitat and seek to take measures to minimize those as much as possible. To get rid of spiders for good, you will want to make the areas around your home and property as undesirable as possible. Most spiders tend to populate dark, sheltered areas in proximity to sources of food, predominantly various types of insects. 

4 things to do BEFORE spraying for spiders...

Spraying can be, in some instances, a beneficial contributor to a getting rid of spiders. In many instances, however, spider reduction (and sometimes spider elimination) can actually be achieved in the absence of spider sprays. Should you choose to spray for spiders, there are a few things to do beforehand to help ensure success with your spider treatment plan. 

spider repellents1. Modify the habitat outside and inside the home. Have a look at the areas outside the home, as most spiders inside are typically (though not always) a function of high spider populations in the surrounding exterior environment. Areas of thick brush or heavy foliage tend to serve as ideal spider habitats, providing shelter and access to an ample food supply of insects. Be sure to trim back bushes, trees, shrubs, and other foliage as far away from the home as possible, particularly making sure no branches are coming in direct contact with the home. If spiders are also inside the home in large numbers, look to minimize potential spider hiding spots or harborage areas. Boxes, containers, or other things stacked or stored in areas that seldom get disturbed may be particularly appealing. 

spider repellent spray2. Vacuum throughout the home. Particularly on the interior of the home, start by vacuuming all areas where spiders, spider webs, or spider eggs may be. This should include beneath and behind furniture, above and within cabinets, around appliances, behind utilities, in closets, in corners of walls, floors, and ceilings, near lighting fixtures, and more. After vacuuming, be sure to discard all contents in a sealed container away from the home. 

spider repellent treatment3. Increase lighting inside the home. In some instances, homes with perpetually dark environments may become may be prone to developing spider populations over time. While you're dealing with spiders, consider increasing sources of light throughout your home either by way of natural lighting (opening curtains or blinds) or through other lighting within the home. 

spider spray4. Use spider traps and monitors. Before spraying for spiders, consider putting out a series of spider traps or monitors throughout the home in order to assess the extent of the spider populations and determine where the largest or remaining spider concentrations may be. 







Top 4 Best Spider Killer Products

There are many pesticide sprays and aerosol products designed to effectively kill spiders, some of which are marketed as spider repellents. An important distinction should be made between a product that kills spiders and one that repels them. Few products have show reliability in actually "repelling" spiders from a treated area through their own qualities or attributes, thereby not acting as true repellents. Most of our recommended products may effectively kill live spiders, and often minimize spider populations by impacting the populations of other insects in the environment that spiders are likely to feed on.   


Things to Consider Before Spraying for Spiders

  • Spider knockdown effect: Some pesticides are designed to provide a quick or immediate knockdown, while others are formulated to act more slowly. Be sure to choose a spider spray that is designed to do what you want it to do. Contact insecticides typically kill on contact, and sometimes do not provide any ongoing protection. 
  • All-Natural Spider Killers: All-natural spider pesticide products may also be available if you wish to stay away from synthetic products. 
  • Remember that learning how to get rid of spiders involves more than just haphazard spraying. In fact, it is often possible to get rid of spiders without using any sprays at all. When using pesticides, natural or otherwise, less is typically best. If you are not getting the results you desire with your spider treatment efforts, consider contacting a professional spider control company in your are. Our spider exterminator search tool can connect you to licensed pest control companies for free. 


best spider repellent product 

#1 Onslaught FastCap Spider & Scorpion

One of the most widely used spider control products by professional pest control companies, Onslaught FastCap provides optimal killing effectiveness combined with a residual designed to continue protecting the area from spiders, scorpions, and many other insects.

onslaught fastcap spider spray
  • Esfenvalerate 6.4% | Piperonyl butoxide 8% | Prallethrin 1.6%
  • Quick knockdown effect.
  • Long-lasting residual keeps killing.
  • Easily mixes with water. Requires separate spray container.
  • Effective for both indoor & outdoor use.


Tempo sc ultra spider spray 

#2 Tempo SC Ultra

Tempo SC Ultra is a mainstay in the arsenal of most professional exterminators due to it's effectiveness in getting rid of spiders and a full slate of other pests. Labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, Tempo SC Ultra combines the power of a powder formulation into an easy to mix liquid formulation.

  • beta-Cyfluthrin 11.8%
  • Odor-free formulation.
  • Very low residue. 
  • Easily mixes with water. Requires separate spray container.
  • Effective for both indoor & outdoor use.
  • Spiders, ants, roaches, bed bugs, and more. 


pt cykick aerosol

#3 PT Cy-Kick CS Aerosol Insecticide

Cy-Kick Aerosol is a ready-to-use aerosol product designed for immediate kill and long-lasting residual to get rid of spiders and many other pests. The crack & crevice applicator attachment allows for targeted applications into crack, crevices, and other tight spaces where spiders and other insects are likely to hide. Ideal for localized or spot treatments where targeted applications are desired. Low odor formulation makes it ideal for indoor use, and micro-encapsulation with foaming effect provides increased residual effectiveness.

  • Cyfluthrin 0.1%
  • Ready-to-use aerosol can.
  • No mixing required. No additional equipment needed.
  • Product comes out as a semi-foam formula for targeted application.
  • Effective against spiders and many other pests. 
  • Kills on spiders on contact. 
  • Long lasting residual kills for weeks. 
  • Best for indoor use and targeted outdoor use


CB80 Spider Killer Aerosol

#4 CB-80 Contact Aerosol

CB80 Spider Spray
  • Piperonyl butoxide 4% | Pyrethrins 0.5%
  • Powerful contact spray kills spiders quickly.
  • Powerful flushing agent drives spiders from hiding areas.
  • Use for rapid spider knockdown or targeted spider kill.
  • Can also be used for indoor knockdown of other insects.
  • No lasting residual effect, so limited ongoing protection.  

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