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Collection: Mosquito Equipment & Devices

Which Mosquito Devices are the Best? 

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When it comes to minimizing mosquito populations around your property there is no magic potion or silver bullet. Effective mosquito reduction typically requires a multi-faceted approach combining habitat modification with control measures to impact mosquitoes in both adult and immature stages of development. The environmental conditions on and around your property will determine the extent to which mosquito populations are naturally permitted to flourish. The more effectively you can modify this environment to become minimally suitable for mosquito habitation and reproduction, the better your results are likely to be. 

13 products
  • Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper, Multicolor Color
  • LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer (2 Replacement Bulbs Incl.)
  • Tomahawk Backpack Mosquito Mist Blower (3.7 Gallons)
  • RYOTA Electric Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper with UV Light
  • PESTKING Electric Portable Indoor Mosquito / Insect Trap
  • Mosquito Magician Hose Sprayer w/ 1 Gallon Natural Mosquito Killer Concentrate
  • Mosquito Magician Backpack Fogger with 2 Gallons Natural Mosquito Killer Concentrate
  • Makita PM7650H Backpack Mosquito Mist Blower
  • Indoor Plug-in Bug Zapper Electric Mosquito Trap
  • Flyweb Electric Indoor Flying Insect Trap
  • Country Vet Automatic Flying Insect Control Kit
  • Burgess 960 Electric Insect Fogger
  • Bonide 420 Fog-Rx Propane Mosquito / Insect Fogger