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Maxforce Bait Injector Gun Video Guide

Why Use a Bait Injection Gun? 

For professional exterminators, using bait applicator guns such as the Maxforce Bait Injector Gun from Bayer Environmental is essential. But do-it-yourself pest controllers, particularly those expecting to make a commitment to ongoing protection from ants and cockroaches, should also consider the small investment in this valuable piece of pest control equipment. In the world of pest control, the proper pest control application equipment can mean the difference between effective pesticide applications that are likely to resolve the pest problem, and substandard insecticide applications that have little chance of doing so. 

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If you're like many do-it-yourselfers, at least PART of your motivation for doing your own pest control is probably the potential of saving money by doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional exterminator. Along the way, the natural tendency often becomes to look for certain parts of the pest control process that might be deemed non-essential...things that MIGHT be used by professionals but perhaps wouldn't seem to necessarily impact the effectiveness of any pest control treatment.

A word of caution for DIY pest controllers...

Avoid the temptation to cut corners by not using recommended or proper application equipment. Remember this: the effectiveness of any pesticide application is dependent upon making proper applications. If you are going through the hassle of doing your own pest control in the first place, you would be well-served by going one step further to make sure your pest control treatments are being done in a manner that provides a reasonable expectation of positive results. Particular for pest control equipment that can be attained for a nominal expense, the advantages over the long-term far outweigh the small cost on the front end. 

Benefits of Using a Bait Injection Gun? 

Maintain a Professional Pest Control Image

Professional Bait Gun Application If you're a do-it-yourself pest controller, your image may not be a consideration...unless of course you want to look ultra-cool around your wife, husband, or kids. But if you are a professional exterminator, bait application guns are an absolute must. Your technicians, and your customers, will very much appreciate the small investment.

Make Targeted Bait Placements

Targeted Insect Bait ApplicationsBecause the ant bait or cockroach bait will only be effective if it is actually consumed by the target insects, placement of the bait is absolutely critical. The Maxforce Bait Injector Gun, and other pest control bait gun applicators like it, allow for targeted insect bait applications into cracks, crevices, voids, and other areas where ants and roaches are likely to be. Targeted insect gel bait applications are much more likely to provide effective, lasting insect control. 

Make Controlled Bait Placements

Controlled Insect Bait ApplicationsWhile location of the gel bait applications is very important, it isn't the only factor in determining the effectiveness of the pest control treatment. Gel bait applications for German Cockroaches might best be made as pea-sized pin placements every 12-18 inches throughout the treatment zone. On the other hand, baiting for some species of ants might be most effective when the ant gel bait is applied in short, narrow bait strips in proximity to ant foraging trails. A professional gel bait applicator tool such as the Maxforce Bait Injection Gun allows for very specific bait placements so that the optimal amount of bait is dispersed in the optimal manner, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your ant or cockroach baiting program. 

Avoid Insect Bait Contamination

Most professional bait gun applicators, such as the Maxforce Bait Injection Gun, come with a professional gun holster that can be attached to the belt of a pest control technician or pest control do-it-yourselfer. This not only provides for convenience during the pest control inspection and treatment process, it also ensure the bait is shielded from contamination from other pesticides and environmental factors. Most insect bait application gun holsters also have slots on the side for additional bait tubes to be carried for easy access.  

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