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Collection: Personal Protective Equipment

Which Pest Control Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Best?

Whether you are a pest control professional or a proud do-it-yourself pest controller, safety should be your top priority. At Pest Control Everything, we help make you aware of proper pest control safety measures and provide direct access to the pest control protective gear the pest professionals use.

When shopping for pest control products, it is advisable to review the applicable product label so that you know in advance what personal protective equipment might be necessary. With any product you use, you will want to make sure you have adequate protection from exposure through your skin, eyes, nose and mouth.

With the spread of Covid 19, the demand for face masks has reached an all-time high. Remember that face masks or other protective face wear that is designed to help mitigate the spread of coronaviruses may not provide sufficient respiratory protection against certain types of pesticides or pest control products. Please refer the Covid 19 face mask guidelines set forth by the CDC for information about proper use of Covid 19 face masks. For respiratory protection from pesticides, please refer to the pesticide product label.

Be sure that whichever protective equipment you select is designed for the type of pesticides you intend to apply. Protective eyewear that leaves the sides exposed may not provide necessary protection from absorption from airborne pesticide particulates. Dust masks may also have little impact on inhalation exposure from many pesticide formulations, often making a respirator a better option. Not all protective gloves provide equal or adequate protection against all types of chemicals. Be sure that the gloves you choose are chemical-resistant. And don't forget to always protect your head with a bump hat or hard hat. 

Need help figuring out which PPE you might need for your pest control problem? Check out our FREE real-time Ask Professor Pest live chat option. 

18 products
  • Safety Bump Cap with With Reflective Stripes, Lightweight and Breathable Hard Hat Head Protection Cap(Long,Black)
  • Pyramex Cap Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat with Rain Trough - Comfortable Low Profile Design, Blue
  • Black Baseball Bump Cap - Lightweight Safety hard hat head protection Cap
  • ERB 19111 67 Bump Cap, White
  • Chemical & Pesticide Resistant Nitrile Gloves, Reusable, Large
  • SHOWA 730 Nitrile Cotton Flock-lined Chemical Resistant Glove, Large (Pack of 12 Pairs)
  • ThxToms Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Latex Gloves, 14" (1 Pair)
  • Zinnor Full Face Gas Mask Organic Vapor Respirator w/Activated Carbon Respirator
  • DuPont Tyvek Disposable Protective Coverall with Respirator-Fit Hood and Elastic Cuff, White, X-Large (Pack of 6)
  • Professional Grade Reusable Nitrile Chemical Safety Gloves
  • 3M 7162 Full-Face Respirator
  • GVS Elipse SMP001 Hard Carry Case (Blue)
  • DEWALT Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Safety Goggle
  • PD-100 Full-Face Industrial Respirator
  • 3M Full-Face Reusable Respirator (Large)
  • Breath Buddy Half-Face Respirator Plus Safety Goggles
  • GVS Elipse P100 Half-Face Respirator (Medium / Large)
  • 3M Dual Cartridge Half-Face Respirator (Large)