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Premise Termite Granules Video Guide

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How Do Premise Termite Granules Work? 

Premise Termite Granules incorporate the same effective subterranean termite eliminator Imidacloprid into an easy to apply, non-repellent granular termiticide formulation. For use as either a perimeter termite application around the foundation of a structure or as a subterranean termite spot treatment, Premise Granules can be applied to areas surrounding a structure that may be susceptible to termite attack such as soil, landscaped areas, turf, grass, mulch, and areas where direct wood-ground-contact may be present. 

Proven to be more effective in termite elimination than repellent insecticides, non-repellent termiticides such as Premise Granules with Imidacloprid allow foraging termites to pass through the treated zone without detecting the presence of an insecticide, picking up slow-acting, lethal doses along the way. As the impacted termites slowly begin dying, lethal doses of Imidacloprid will likewise be passed on to other termites they come in contact with, creating a transfer effect designed to eliminate the entire termite colony. 

Are Premise Termite Granules easy to apply? 

Yes. Unlike conventional non-repellent liquid termiticide concentrates, such as Premise 2, Termidor, or Taurus SC, which require specific termite spray applicators, Premise Termite Granules can be applied easily without the need for any bulky, heavy, or expensive termite tanks, sprayers, or other termite application equipment. With no mixing requirements and no set up time, Premise Termite Granules can be applied directly from a granular shaker bottle or handheld granule spreader in order to begin killing subterranean termites immediately. 

For complete product information and application instructions, please view the Premise Termite Granules Product Label

Do Termites Eat the Premise Termite Granules? 

No. Unlike granular insecticide baits, which kill target insects through ingestion, Premise Termite Granules are no actually eaten by subterranean termites. Instead, after the granules are applied, subsequent irrigation or watering of the termite treated zone will cause the active ingredient (imidacloprid) to uniformly disperse throughout the treatment area. Foraging termites will then pick up toxic levels of imidacloprid on their bodies and by eating other things that may be impacted by the treatment, but typically not be eating the Premise Termite Granules themselves. 

Are Premise Termite Granules Safer to Apply Than Liquid Termiticides?

Among the advantages of Premise Termite Granules is the fact that there is typically less risk of exposure to the applicator. With no handling of a liquid termite concentrate, no pesticide mixing required, and no spraying involved, the termite applicator enjoys the benefit of fewer opportunities to become exposed. That said, all pesticides have a certain level of inherent toxicity, and Premise Termite Granules are no different. When applying termite granules, always wear the personal protective equipment required by the label and make all applications according the specified application rates. 

Where Can Premise Termite Granules Be Purchased?

Premise Termite Granules are manufactured by Bayer Environmental Science and can be purchased through any number of pesticide distributors. Although some pesticide distributors sell only to licensed pest control operators, many online retailers such as Amazon may be uniquely positioned to sell professional grade pest control products directly to consumers. To purchase Premise Termite Granules on Amazon, please CLICK HERE. 

Are Premise Termite Granules Effective? 

Premise Termite Granules are indeed highly effective in killing subterranean termites, but some limitations may make alternative termite treatment options more advantageous in certain situations. Premise Termite Granules may be an ideal option for localized spot treatments of subterranean termites where the point of entry is easily discernible and attainable, with direct access to the ground at the point of termite entry. Because Premise Termite Granules need to be absorbed into the soil in order to disperse the imidacloprid throughout the treatment zone, termite granules are not a viable option in areas where the ground is covered by concrete attachments such as patios, pool decks, or porches. Termites access through or around settlement cracks, utility penetrations, or other areas requiring sub-slab termiticide injection will not be effectively treated through use of termite granules. 

Other Limitations of Premise Termite Granules...

When dealing with an active, widespread infestation of subterranean termites, more directed termiticide application formulations such as liquid termite concentrates and/or termiticide foams should be used independently or in combination with Premise Termite Granules. Because Premise Termite Granules are non-repellent, any other termiticides used in conjunction should also be non-repellent termiticides such as Premise 2 Termiticide, Taurus SC Termiticide, or Termidor SC Termiticide. Using a repellent termiticide in proximity to Premise Termite Granules is likely to render the granules partially or entirely ineffective. 

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