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Collection: Gophers

How to Tell the Difference Between a Gopher, Mole, and Vole...

When you have something tearing up your yard with tunnels, you naturally want the vermin gone fast. But the first step is proper identification so that you can develop an effective treatment strategy.


Vole Identification

Often mistaken for field mice, voles are relatives of hamsters that can do significant damage to plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns. Adult voles are typically 4 to 8 inches long with a grayish / brownish coat of fur. They will commonly travel through burrows made by the larger mole, or create their own tunnel systems throughout lawns and fields.


Mole Identification

Unlike voles, which are herbivores feeding on roots and plants, moles are actually insectivores feeding on earthworms, beetles, grubs, and other animals in the soil. Living in underground tunnels, their pointed snouts and enlarged front feet facilitate this lifestyle. Adult moles are typically 6-8 inches in length.


Gopher Identification

The largest of the 3, adult gophers are medium-sized rodents typically averaging about 12 inches in length.  

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