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Pest Control Consulting & Professional Services

 Pest Control Consulting Services

Pest Control Analytic, the parent company of Pest Control Everything, provides executive level operational, sales, marketing, and strategy support for growth-minded pest control companies. We offer membership-based and a la carte service options. Click here to schedule a free phone consultation according to your convenience.  



For Pest Control Professionals, we offer a comprehensive slate of pest control consulting services designed to help maximize efficiencies, increase sales, improve service delivery, and increase profits. Our consulting packages are customized based on the unique needs of each client, and often include some combination of the following services:

Pest Control Writing, Blogging, & Content Management


Managing your pest control content can be a full-time job...which of course is why many of the larger companies have their own in-house content management teams. At Pest Control Analytic, our pest control writing services allow growing pest control companies to get a major advantage over the competition by presenting an ultra-professional front across many platforms. You may be the most experienced entomologist in the pest control industry, but if you're not able to establish trust with prospective pest control customers through well-framed content, you're almost certainly missing out on opportunities.  

Whether you'd like expert-level pest control articles for your blog, targeted content for pest control brochures, customized insect identification sheets, branded inspection reports, or any other written element pertaining to your pest control business, Pest Control Analytic is ready to help. If it involves pest control and requires writing, chances are we've written it a time or two. 



Pest Control Reporting & Analytics


Pest Control Reporting & AnalyticsUnderstanding how and what makes a pest control company profitable is essential to the operations of your business. We'll help create a reporting infrastructure or use your existing reports to extrapolate meaningful data. What percentage of revenue should your pest control company should be spending on pest control chemicals? Or termite products? What should a target customer cancellation rate be? How much should you be spending on vehicles? Understanding where your profit margins should be can help make sure your overall profitability remains where it needs to be. 

Pest Control Business Operation Analysis & Assessment


Pest Control Business AnalysisAt Pest Control Analytic, the foundation of our services begins with an intimate understanding of the current state of your pest control operation. We'll assess where you are now across many different operational dimensions in order to determine what steps to take to help you achieve your objectives.  


Pest Control Growth Plan Evaluation


Pest Control Growth PlanIn all likelihood, you want your company to grow. But growing a pest control doesn't happen on accident, and growing it profitably takes some awareness, understanding, and commitment to a process.  We'll take a look at how large you want to get and whether your existing growth strategy is likely to advance the company adequately in that direction. If it doesn't, we'll help devise and executive a targeted growth plan to ensure success. 

Pest Control Process Analysis


Pest Control Process AnalysisIn pest control, the difference is always in the details, and how you do things really, really matters. Even if you don't think your company has processes, it defaults to certain standards of operation that intrinsically become processes. The process by which you handle incoming phone calls matters. As does the process by which you schedule services. And the process by which you receive or process pest control payments matters. And the way in which you track inventory, and market your business, and train your technicians, and purchase your pest control products. Every single thing matters. And we'll make sure the process by which you do things is maximize your pest control efficiency and profitability. 

Pest Control Process Analysis


Pest Control Process AnalysisIn pest control, the difference is always in the details, and how you do things really, really matters. Even if you don't think your company has processes, it defaults to certain standards of operation that intrinsically become processes. The process by which you handle incoming phone calls matters. As does the process by which you schedule services. And the process by which you receive or process pest control payments matters. And the way in which you track inventory, and market your business, and train your technicians, and purchase your pest control products. Every single thing matters. And we'll make sure the process by which you do things is maximize your pest control efficiency and profitability. 

Pest Control Route Optimization


Pest Control Route OptimizationInefficient service routes lead to inefficient services, increased expenses, lost opportunity, reduced profit margins, low employee morale, and many other perils. We'll help make sure your routes are structured in a way that maximizes opportunity, efficiency, and profitability. 


Pest Control Software Integration






Pest Control Software IntegrationYour pest control software plays a huge role in determining the direction of your company and managing the overall pest control customer experience. Dedicated pest control software such as PestPac offers a broad spectrum of functions to optimize management of pest control service and sales teams, and we can assist in the setup, integration, and customization of these pest control software platforms. 

Pest Control Technician Training


Pest Control Technician TrainingPest Control Analytic offers customized pest control technician training programs for residential pest control technicians, commercial pest control technicians, termite technicians, mosquito technicians, rodent technicians, service managers, and more. Training programs are customized based on the needs of your pest control company, and may include onsite training sessions, phone training, online training, and more. 

Pest Control Planning & Strategy


Pest Control Planning & StrategyA clearly defined company objective is essential to enabling your company to get where it is going. Pest Control Everything can help identify the company mission, devise the optimal near-term and long-term action plans, and implement strategies for success. 

Pest Control Sales Team Training


Pest Control Sales TrainingWhat is the best way to sell pest control services? That depends who you ask. Many of the larger pest control companies have transitioned to call centers to handle incoming residential pest control leads, with termite and commercial pest control leads still being handled on a local level in conjunction with an onsite inspection. Some companies, however, still send a pest control inspector out to a residential property to provide onsite quotes. So which is better...selling pest control in person or over the phone? A lot goes into this, and the answer may be different from one pest control company to the next. We'll help make sure you're evaluating the necessary considerations to determine which selling process is most advantageous for your particular company. 

Pest Control Analytic also offers customized sales training programs for termite sales inspectors, commercial pest control account executives, inbound pest control phone sales reps, pest control sales manager, rodent sales personnel, and pest control technicians. Training ranges from company-wide seminars to one-on-one training and all things in between. 

Sales Infrastructure & Service Pricing Assessment


Pest Control Pricing StrategyWhat should you be charging for the various services you provide? How does your pricing structure compare with that of your competitors? How profitable are each of your pest control services? We'll take an in-depth look at whether your pricing strategy positions you for optimal growth and profitability. 

Service Protocol Evaluation, Formulation & Design


Pest Control Service ProtocolsDoes your company have uniform service standards for each type of service? Do all pest control technicians handle an initial service the same way? Do they each treat for Argentine Ants the same, or spray for mosquitoes the same? While some flexibility can be good to allow skilled pest control technicians the freedom to assess pest control problems and treat as they best see fit, most excelling pest control companies operate with a high degree of service consistency. Not only does this elevate the likelihood of resolving pest problems, it also tends to reduce pesticide waste, increase customer retention, and improve profitability. 

Pest Control Analytic will evaluate the service protocols presently in place, make recommendations if necessary, or create formal service protocols on your behalf if they do not yet exist. 

Pest Control Company Policies & Procedures


Pest Control Policies & ProceduresAs your pest control company continues to expand, having written policies and procedures will help create a level of uniformity amongst employees, reduce liability, improve morale, and keep everyone on the same page as they work towards the unified mission of the company. Pest Control Analytic will evaluate your existing policies and make recommendations as necessary. If policies don't yet exist, we can create an entire Pest Control Policies and Procedures Manual containing the essentials of your pest control operation. 

Pest Control Inventory Controls


Pest Control Inventory ControlsHow are you tracking your pest control product inventory? Poor inventory management can lead to squandered profits. We'll take a look at the way in which you order pest control products, who you're ordering them from, what you're paying in relation to industry standards, how you accept and log those products into inventory, how they're disseminated, and how they are tracked thereafter. Dedicated pest control software such as PestPac has internal inventory management tools to help facilitate this process, but additional options exist as well. 

Pest Control Call Center Services


Pest Control Call Center ServicesIn some instances, depending upon local pest control regulations, Pest Control Analytic may be able to provide certain call center services to your organization. In some instances, we may even be able to sell some of your services for you. If you're wondering why you would consider this, the answer is rather simple...we can probably sell pest control over the phone better than anyone within your organization can sell it in any capacity. Why? Because we know a lot about pest control, and we know even more about selling pest control.

Pest Control Company Culture Modification


Pest Control Company CultureYour company culture may be the single most important thing in determining the trajectory of your pest control organization. With the wrong culture, almost nothing is possible. With the right culture, almost everything is possible. If you're like most pest control companies, you probably think your company culture is pretty good. And in reality, it probably pretty much sucks.   

Changing your company culture can revolutionize the productivity and profitability of your team. At Pest Control Analytic, we'll independently examine your company culture and help devise a plan to execute whatever cultural shift is best for your organization. 

Pest Control Customer Engagement


Pest Control Customer EngagementAre your pest control customers optimally engaged with your organization. Do they know the spectrum of services your company provides and the benefits of each of these services? Are they actively referring customers to you? Are they remaining customers longer than standard? Pest Control Analytic will evaluate the variable levels of customer engagement and help improve upon this invaluable component of your pest control operation. 

Pest Control Service Agreement Design & Integration


Pest Control Service AgreementService Agreements are essential to outlining the terms and conditions of your customer relationships in a way that concomitantly protects your pest control company and the interests of your customers. But done properly, pest control agreements should be much more than that. They should also be viewed as invaluable sales tools, as much a part of the sales process as marketing and other pest control POS materials. Pest control service agreements should actively simplify and advance the pest control sales process. Agreements that retard the sales process are counter-productive. 

Pest Control Analytic can evaluate your existing pest control service agreements and modify them in a way that optimizes the impact on closing deals. If your company does not yet have service agreements, it needs them. We can help create and design service agreements in compliance with local regulations. 

Pest Control Insect Identification Sheets


Pest Control Insect Identification How does your company educate customers on all things pest control related? Pest Control Analytic can create and design custom insect identification sheets to use during the sales process and throughout the customer relationship in order to ensure maximal awareness and cooperation on the part of your customers. The more they understand that any effective pest control program is a cooperative effort between the two of you, the greater your likelihood of exceeding their expectations. 

Customized Pest Control Forms & Inspection Reports


Pest Control Inspection ReportFrom bed bug or termite inspection reports, to graphs, charts, and more, Pest Control Analytic will assess what you're using now and make improvements wherever possible. 

Customized Pest Control Proposal Generation


Pest Control Proposal DesignThe appearance of your pest control proposals matters...quite a little bit. Particularly if you are going after commercial accounts, termite treatments, bird work, or multi-family properties. Pest Control Analytic will work with you to create customized digital proposal templates for each of your sales scenarios so that you can be sure to present as professionally as possible. In some instances, we may even be able to design individual sales proposals on a case by case basis upon request. 

Pest Control Email Campaigns

Pest Control Email CampaignWhether your opportunity lies with cross-selling or up-selling to your existing customer base, or you want to target potential new clients, Pest Control Analytic can create and execute targeted email drip campaigns on behalf of your pest control company. Pest control email campaigns can help keep a steady flow of new business flowing through your doors.  

Pest Control Marketing Materials


Pest Control Marketing MaterialsPest Control Analytic can design a broad spectrum of marketing materials to help your sales teams excel. Pest control brochures, sales sheets, postcards, door hangers, lawn application signs, business cards, and much more. 

Pest Control Web Design & Social Media Management


Pest Control Website DesignPest Control Analytic can also design or re-design your website to make sure your online presence remains optimally positioned for maximal exposure. Our social media management options include customized pest control blogging services unique to your pest control organization. 

  Professor Pest Recommends Professor Pest Suggests:

No matter where you're trying to get your pest control company to go, PC Analytic can help you get there faster, more efficiently, and more economically. We have directed several multi-million dollar pest control operations, founded and sold our own pest control companies, and helped other pest control companies improve their operations. Our mission is simple: we exist to make your pest control company better. 


Pest Control Technician Training

Does Your Company Need a Pest Control Consultant? 

Schedule a FREE pest control consultation now

If you're like most pest control companies around the world, hiring a consultant is probably the furthest thing from your mind. After all, you know your pest control company better than anybody else. But as the old saying goes, you don't know what you don't know

At PC Analytic, we look at pest control companies a little bit differently. Because we've had the benefit of being around many different pest control operations of all different sizes in many different geographies, we have a sense of how things often are in the world of pest control. Our consulting approach begins with observation, feedback, and understanding. Until we have a feel for the present state of affairs within your organization, we won't know for sure in what ways we can help.

Some (many) pest control companies, even the largest and most reputable players in the industry, are working in spite of themselves because they have not established a meaningful company culture in which all members of the team are executing a uniform corporate mission. Other companies have the right culture, but lack the technical expertise to resolve pest problems effectively and efficiently and are seeing their bottom line destroyed by excessive call-backs. Others have the right culture and the right expertise, but are missing the organizational infrastructure needed to optimize their operation. And other companies may have the right culture, expertise, and infrastructure, but have no clue how to market their services or close deals. PC Analytic can bridge the gap between all these critical components of your operation. 

  Professor Pest Recommends Professor Pest's Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Do we have an established company culture that is mission-driven and has genuine buy-in from all team members?
  • Are our service technicians true experts in the field, capable of efficiently resolving most pest problems? 
  • Are we capitalizing on all potential complementary or add-on services available, or are we missing out on potential revenue streams?
  • Are using a pest control software like PestPac designed to optimize efficiencies across the board? 
  • Do we know our optimal rate of growth and have a targeted action plan that will ensure we achieve those objectives? Do we have the capacity to grow through acquisition, and if we do, what is the most cost-effective approach to acquiring pest control companies?
  • Do we have a reporting infrastructure in place that enables us to assess the operation on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis? 
  • Are our technician routes fully, truly optimized? 
  • Does our marketing material set us apart from the competition?
  • Are you proud of the appearance of your inspection reports, termite graphs, service agreements, and other forms? 
  • Are your incoming phone calls handled with the highest levels of professionalism and urgency? 
  • What is the optimal size of each of our pest control branch locations? Is the employee hierarchy designed to maximize performance? 
  • Do you know what your pest control profit margins are? 
  • Do you know how your pricing structure compares to your competition? 
  • Are you closing leads as a rule or as an exception to the rule? 
  • Do you have an active social media campaign? 
  • Do you have at least 9 potential sources of new business working for you every single day? 


How Profitable Should Your Pest Control Company Be? 

This, of course, is a loaded question, littered with countless variables. All things being equal, some pest control services, like residential pest control, generally have a higher intrinsic profit margin potential than termite services or commercial pest control work. But exceptions exist to every rule. No two pest control operations can or should have the same expectations in terms of profitability.  

Speaking in generalities, we at Pest Control Analytic believe that almost any pest control company operating at an operational profit margin below 35% certainly has room for improvement. The further your organization is below that 35% mark, the greater the opportunity for profit improvement is likely to be. For some companies, a profit margin in excess of 35% can become a reasonable expectation.

How Much Do Pest Control Consulting Services Cost? 

At Pest Control Analytic, every pest control consulting package is customized to fit the specific needs of each organization. As a result, no two consulting packages are the same, and the corresponding price can vary greatly. In some instances, all of the support may be done remotely. In other cases, in-person meetings may be advisable. 

Before beginning any consulting services, we provide a detailed Pest Control Consulting Proposal highlighting precisely what we will accomplish within a pre-determined period of time and what the payment schedule will be for those services. All consulting proposals are prepared free of charge, with no obligation, following an introductory conversation to learn more about the needs of your company. If we don't think we can be of assistance, we'll let you know. Our mission is simple: we exist to make your pest control company better. 

To learn more about how PC Analytic can help you optimize your pest control operation or to receive a free, customized consultation proposal, please contact us now