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Collection: Bed Bug Monitors & Devices

Which Bed Bug Monitors are the Best?

Bed bug monitors and traps are a vital part of any effective bed bug treatment strategy or bed bug maintenance program. While they should not be viewed as a stand-alone option for resolving existing populations of bed bugs, they do provide critical information necessary for developing an effective bed bug treatment plan.

Why are bed bug traps so valuable? Catching (or trapping) bed bugs

Bed bug facts

determine whether or not bed bugs actually exist in an environment, as part of an ongoing bed bug remediation program, and/or as part of monitoring potential bed bug reintroduction into an environment. 

Bed bug monitors are recommended as a means of detecting the presence of bed bugs early on before their populations have an opportunity to advance to challenging levels. Whether you have no reason to believe you have bed bugs, suspect it as a possibility, are sure you do, or want to make sure the situation is resolved, bed bug monitors are an excellent, cost-effective part of the process. 

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11 products
  • Catchmaster 288i Insect & Spider Trap (36 Glue Boards, 108 monitor Traps)
  • Bed Bug Insect Interceptor, 8 PACK White
  • Exterminators Choice Large Non-Toxic Insect Glue Traps (10 Pack)
  • Ortho Bed Bug Trap
  • Trapper Insect Trap for Bed Bugs, Roaches, Spiders, Silverfish, More...(90 Traps)
  • Pest Beware Bed Bug Interceptor Trap (Pack of 4, White)
  • Harris Early Detection Bed Bug Glue Traps (20/Pack)
  • Bug Snarer Bed Bug Interceptor Trap (8 Pack, White)
  • Bug Snarer Bed Bug Interceptor Trap (4 Pack, White)
  • Bug Snarer Bed Bug Interceptor Trap (12 Pack, White)
  • 7Penn Bed Bug Interceptor Traps (4 Pack, Black)