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Collection: Fly Control Products

Which Fly Control Products are the Best? 

Scientific evidence suggests that flies originated about 260 million years ago, with more than a million species of flies now inhabiting the earth. Of these, an estimated 120,000 species of flies have been scientifically identified. What this means from a pest control standpoint is that different types of flies are best handled using different types of fly control products and treatment approaches. Professor Pest's Fly Control Guide provides additional insights into tips, tricks, and best practices for managing fly control populations. 

Pest Control Everything provides access to some of the most effective and commonly used fly control products on the market today. To make sure you choose the best product for your situation, proper fly identification is critical. If you are unsure as to what kind of fly you may be dealing with, consider consulting a professional local fly control expert for assistance. 

31 products
  • Bite-Lite Armadilha Indoor UV Light Fly Trap Killer of House Flies, Stink Bugs, Fruit Flies, and Other Small Flying Insects. Attractive Electronic Fly Catcher Comes with 2 Non-Toxic Sticky Glue Boards
  • Catchmaster 906 SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap
  • Hoont Bug Zapper Powerful Indoor Electric Fly Zapper Trap – 40 Watts, Protects 6,500 Sq. Ft. – Fly Killer, Insect Killer, Mosquito Killer – For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Use [UPGRADED]
  • Genus Spectra Fly Light Fly Trap
  • Micnaron Electric Bug Zapper, Multicolor Color
  • Gardner WS-95 Wall Sconce Flying Insect Fly Light Trap - White
  • Hoont Plug-in Wall Sconce Sticky Fly Trap Catcher and Killer with Bright UV Light Attracter (Includes 4-Adhesive Glue-Boards) / Get Rid of All Flies - For Residential and Commercial Use
  • Tempo SC Ultra Insecticide Concentrate (1.082 fl oz.)
  • Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack
  • Fly Web Glue Board Replacement (10 Pack)
  • PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait (16 oz can)
  • LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer (2 Replacement Bulbs Incl.)
  • FLY-AWAY Drain Fly Treatment & Drain Opener
  • Green Gobbler Fruit Fly Goodbye, Gel Drain Treatment (1 Gallon)
  • Awoco 36" Elegant 2 Speeds 900 CFM Indoor Air Curtain
  • Awoco 36" Super Power 1400 CFM 2 Speeds Commercial Indoor Air Curtain
  • DuraSteel Aerial Titan-1 36" White Super Power High Air Volume Commercial Indoor Air Curtain
  • Quikstrike Fly Bait Granular (1 Lb.)
  • Ortho Home Defense Flying Bug Killer with Essential Oils Aerosol (14 oz. Can)
  • Maxforce Fly Spot Bait (One 16 oz. Bottle)
  • Maxforce Fly Spot Bait (4 Pack)
  • Maxforce Fly Spot Bait (1 Pack)
  • Maxforce Fly Bait Granules (One 5 lb. Pail)
  • Hot Shot No-Pest Strip Penetrating Vapor Insect Killer (Pack of 4)
  • Hot Shot No-Pest Strip Penetrating Vapor Insect Killer (1 Strip)