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Which Ant & Roach Gel Bait Gun Applicators are the Best? 

When using syringe-based ant and cockroach gel baits, most products are applied using a bait gun applicator device. These bait guns are specifically designed to allow for metered, targeted bait placements in order to optimize the effectiveness of the treatment and maximize the use of the product without costly over-application. 

That said, for the average do-it-yourself pest controller, a professional bait gun may not be a necessity. Most of the gel bait products on the market include a plunger device that allows for accurate and simple bait applications even without a professional-grade bait gun applicator. So unless you expect to be making repeated bait applications on a consistent basis, the bait gun applicator is probably a device you can do without.

For those of you wishing to treat like the pros, however, Pest Control Everything provides access to some of the most widely used bait gun applicators in the industry. For more information on bait gun applicators, please view the Maxforce Bait Injector Gun Video

7 products
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  • B&G BAIT GUN 300-B - B&G188
  • Bait Gun, Airofog USA
  • DPD TrueTech True Blue Bait Gun
  • Maxforce Professional Bait Gun
  • Vectorfog Professional Gel Bait Gun DH1 (35g Tube)
  • Masterline Gel Bait Gun (27g, 30g, & 33g Tubes)