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Collection: Pantry Pest Products

Finding bugs in your pantry? Beetles in your flour? Weevils in your rice? Moths in your pet food? Learn why these pantry pests are there, how to get rid of them quickly, and how to keep them from coming back.
14 products
  • PT Cy-Kick Pressurized Insecticide Aerosol (17.5 oz)
  • Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide Dust, 1 LB
  • Gentrol Point Source Insect Growth Regulator - IGR (1 Box, 20 Discs)
  • Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) Concentrate (1 Pint)
  • Gentrol Aerosol Insect Growth Regulator (16 oz. Can)
  • Nimon Premium Non-Toxic Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromone Attractant (8 Pack, White)
  • Pantry Moth Non-Toxic Pheromone Traps (6 Pack)
  • ProPest Clothes Moth Trap (3 Packs - 6 Traps)
  • Eco Home USA Non-Toxic Insecticide & Odor Free Pantry Moth Traps (6 Pack, Brown)
  • TERRO T2900 Pantry Moth Traps - 2 Pack
  • Catchmaster 812sd Pantry Moth Traps (3 Pack)
  • Black Flag Pantry Pest Trap (2 Traps)
  • Safer Brand Pantry Pest Moth Trap (2 Traps)
  • Dr. Killigan's Premium Pantry Moth Traps with Pheromone Attractant (6, Blue)