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Victor Expanded Trigger Rat Snap Trap Video Guide


What is a rat snap trap?

Rat snap traps have been used for many decades in catching and killing rats, and are one of the mechanisms that have withstood the test of time. Snap traps remain an essential tool in the rat elimination efforts of both professional exterminators and those wishing to get rid of rats on their own. Although there have been a number of modifications to the design of rat snap traps in recent years, the underlying functionality remains intact, and for very good reason. Snap traps are highly effective at catching, killing, and removing rats from an environment. 

Will rat snap traps catch mice? 

Yes, rat snap traps can and will catch and kill mice, but they are not ideally suited for mice. Because mice are quite a bit smaller than adult rats, most rat traps are larger and more powerful than necessary for mice, and often make more of a mess from having their bodies obliterated or chopped in half. Using rat traps to deal with mice is often likely to be less efficient, producing either more misfires or mice being able to remove bait without triggering the device. When dealing with mice, it is always best to use smaller snap traps designed specifically for mice. 

Example of a rat snap trap in action... 

We have included the following video for informational purposes only, as it shows how a rat snap trap actually catches a rat. Because rats tend to be cautious of new items introduced into their habitat, it is always a good idea to start your rat trapping program by pre-baiting for a couple nights in advance. Pre-baiting happens by placing a series of baited, unset snap trips in the area so that rats can get accustomed to taking food from it. After they've started taking the bait, you can go ahead and set the traps, leaving them in the same location. WARNING: The video to follow shows a live rat getting caught and killed in a rat snap trap. This is for informational purposes only.  

Tips for trapping rats:

Using snap traps to resolve your rat problem can be highly effective, but can also be extremely frustrating if not properly executed. Here are a few tips to help make sure you are able to get rid of rats quickly:

  • Use lots of rat traps. A typical rat infestation might be between 8-12 rats, but populations can expand well beyond that. As a starting point, considering getting a pack of 12 rat traps and go from there. 
  • Start by pre-baiting all rat traps. For the first 2-3 nights, place your baited traps in strategic locations without actually setting them. This will help you determine where the rats are concentrated or traveling, allow them to become comfortable with the new objects in their environment, and make sure they will accept your bait of choice. 
  • Use dried fruits, nuts, or peanut butter as rat bait. As long as they are actively taking to the bait, it really doesn't matter what you use. Just make sure they're going for it. If they aren't, switch things up and try a different bait. 
  • Place rat traps along suspected or known runways, travel routes, and along straight edges. Some rats, such as roof rats, are notorious roof dwellers, so be sure to include the attic space above as well as the crawl space below. 
  • Eliminate competing food sources. Anything that could become a source of food should be sealed or discarded. 

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