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The Truth About Which Pest Control Products Are Best...

Everybody wants to know which pest control products work the best? But the reality is this: most pest control products on the market work extremely well independent of human and environmental variables. Although there can be efficacy differences with respect to how different products and/or different active ingredients might impact a given pest population, the end result differences are far more a reflection of how well the pest control applicator works as opposed to how well the pesticide product itself works. 

In other words, an experienced pest professional equipped with just one approved pesticide product of any formulation (labeled for that particular pest) is considerably more likely to quickly resolve a given pest infestation than a novice do-it-yourselfer equipped with every product on the market. So a lot of products are really, really good. And yes, there are some substandard pest control products that don't stack up favorably

At Pest Control Everything, our reviews of products are based predominantly on our first-hand experience using the products in various professional settings over a 20 year span, along with independent research and continuing education. When rating pest control products, we typically look at the product through a comprehensive lens encompassing several factors. To some extent we take for granted that the products we recommend do indeed work. What makes one product better than another similar product is often how well the applicator is able to utilize it. 

Our mission is to provide a well-rounded perspective that enables our visitors to perform educated, effective, pest control applications in a safe and responsible manner. 

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Simply purchasing products that are highly rated by novice pest controllers may not necessarily translate into success for you. Every pest situation is unique. For best results with any pest control product, due diligence on the front end can make all the difference in what kind of results you achieve. 

Best Pest Control Product Resources 

Throughout our website are guides, links, and resources designed for the purpose of informational enlightenment on all things pest control related so that you can make well-informed determinations as to which products are likely to be best in your particular situation

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Top 4 Ant Baits 2020 

Ant baits can be great. When done properly, baiting for ants can be amongst the most effective ant control strategies, often providing for total colony elimination and long-lasting ant relief. But effective ant baiting seldom happens on accident, as it requires proper ant identification in combination with an awareness of how different ant species may respond to different ant bait formulations. Our top 4 ant baits of 2020 collectively provide outstanding control of almost all commonly encountered ant species. 1) Advion Ant Gel Bait. 2) Maxforce Complete Granular Insect Bait. 3) Optigard Ant Gel Bait. 4) Maxforce Quantum Liquid Ant Bait. 

How to Bait for Ants in 5 Easy Steps provides a step-by-step guide for how to bait for ants for those looking for additional information 

Top 4 Cockroach Baits 2020 

Roaches can be amongst the most challenging pests to get rid of. Not only have they been around for hundreds of millions of years, their ability to develop resistance to many different kinds of pesticides over the years has made them particularly formidable. Add to that their rapid rate of reproduction and ability to adapt to a wide range of environments, and roaches can become a nightmare for homeowners, commercial kitchens, and professional exterminators.

Fortunately, professional-grade cockroach control products continue to evolve in an effort to stay one step ahead of these evolutionary anomalies. For 2020, our top 4 cockroach bait products include: 1) Vendetta Plus Roach Gel Bait. 2) Alpine Roach Bait. 3) Advion Roach Gel Bait. 4) Avert Dry Flowable Roach Bait. 

Top 4 Flea Aerosols 2020 

Ready-to-use flea aerosols containing an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) have taken what was once a cumbersome, inconsistent pest control treatment method and turned it into a rather simple treatment process. By following our 9 Step Guide to Total Flea Elimination, getting rid of fleas has never been more straight-forward. 

When selecting a flea aerosol, be sure to use a product that has both an adulticide (to kill the adult fleas) and a larvicide or IGR (to impact the immature flea stages). Our Top 4 Flea Aerosols of 2020 are: 1) Precor 2000 Plus. 2) Nyguard Plus. 3) PT Ultracide. 4) Pivot Ultra. 

Top 4 Bed Bug Mattress Covers 2020 

When bed bugs appear, time is of the essence. And among the first things that needs to be done is enclosing all mattresses and box springs in a special bed bug proof encasement. To help make this process easier, Pest Control Everything has rated our top 4 bed bug mattress covers. Be sure to select the correct size to correspond with the size and depth of your particular mattresses and box springs to ensure proper fit. 

Top 4 Mosquito Backpack Sprayers 2020 

Gas-powered mosquito backpack sprayers can be an economical, highly effective way of knocking back live populations of adult mosquitoes in an environment. Designed to produce pesticide particulates in an optimal way for rapid mosquito elimination and lasting residual protection, backpack sprayers are an essential piece of equipment for mosquito professionals and do-it-yourself mosquito applicators alike. Our Top 4 Mosquito Backpack Sprayers of 2020 are: