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Collection: Wildlife Control Products

Which Wildlife Control Products are the Best? 

As with many pest control products, deciding which nuisance wildlife control product to choose depends first and foremost on what kind of animal you may be dealing with. Repellents or traps that work well for snakes, for instance, are unlikely to be optimally for repelling or deterring birds or raccoons. Professor Pest's Wildlife Control Guide provides tips, tricks, and best practices for managing nuisance wildlife in and around your property. 

Pest Control Everything provides access to some of the most effective and widely used wildlife control products on the market today. Many of these products allow for an effective deterrence without harming the animals themselves. Please be conscientious of the fact that most animals are important to the balances at play within our ecosystem, and look to consider non-lethal options first. In addition to various deterrent systems and animal repellent products, some animals can be humanely relocated through the use of live animal traps. 

Also remember that wild animals are just that: wild. Please proceed with caution before attempting any wild animal remediation efforts on your own. If you need professional assistance with your animal removal or deterrent needs, some pest control companies provide nuisance wildlife services along with a FREE wildlife service quote

100 products
  • BirdBusters Bird Free Optical Flame Bird Repellent Gel - Birds See Flames! (15 Dishes & 15 Pieces of 3M Adhesive Tape per Box)
  • BirdBuffer Six Pack Canister Replacement for Timed Release Bird Repellant Kit
  • BirdBuffer Timed Release Bird Repellant
  • BirdBuffer Bird Repellent Garden Hose Spray Kit
  • BirdBuffer One Gallon Refill Bottle Avian Control Fluid for Pump Spray Kit
  • BirdBuffer TF ~ Quiet Thermal Fogging Kit
  • BirdBuffer Bird Repellent 1 Gallon Pump Spray Kit
  • Natural Armor Repellent Spray for Rodents & Animals. Cats, Rats, Squirrels, Mouse & Deer. Repeller & Deterrent for Dogs, Critters, Mice, Raccoon & Skunk Peppermint Pint Ready to Use
  • The Giant Destroyer, 4 tubes, 2 oz
  • MODEL 924 - Plastic Skunk Trap
  • JT Animal Control Spray-Proof Skunk Trap - 24in.L x 6in.dia, Model# adc6
  • J T Eaton 475N Spring Loaded Catch and Release Humane Skunk Trap
  • IC ICLOVER Snake Reptile Bag with Drawstring, 20" x 28" Heavy Duty Large Snake Hunting Sack Pouch with Sewn Bottom Corners for Moving Transporting Capturing Hunting Catching Snakes Reptiles
  • IC ICLOVER 47" Extra Heavy Duty Standard Reptile Snake Tongs Reptile Grabber Rattle Snake Catcher Wide Jaw Handling Tool
  • Snake Trap Humane
  • Batcone II Reusable Bat Exclusion
  • ET Pest Control (Bat targeting system)
  • Audubon Bat Shelter Model NABAT
  • Premium Bat House | Made in USA | Western Red Cedar | Ready to install | Ideal Bat Shelter for extremely hot to warm climates | Environmentally Responsible Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control | Cedar
  • Bonide Products 876 4-Pack Bat Repellent
  • CLEANRTH CB006 Advanced Ultrasonic Bat Repelling System | Demands Bats to Leave!
  • PREDATORGUARD Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Light Scares Nocturnal Pest Animals Away, Deer Coyote Raccoon Repellent Devices, Chicken Coop Accessories
  • JGRZF Solar Animal Repeller Ultrasonic Pest Repellent Electronic Cat Deterrent for Dog Rodent Deer Squirrel Bird Raccoon Skunk Bear Rat Fox Mole
  • Coghlan's Bear Bell with Magnetic Silencer, Red
  • Frontiersman Bear Horn – Sound Heard Up to ½ Mile (805 M), Warn Bears & Give Them a Chance to Leave – Alert If Lost