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Collection: Insecticide Dust Products

Which Insecticide Dusts are the Best? 

Insecticide Dusts, not to be confused with insecticide granules or wettable powders, is a dry formulation of a pesticide intended primarily for use in enclosed spaces, voids, cavities, and in some instances gardens or crawl spaces. Most insecticide dusts intended for use indoors are not permitted to be applied on exposed surfaces, but rather only in areas occupied by pests that are inaccessible to people, pets, or other non-target organisms. For optimal safety and effective applications, an appropriate hand duster such as the Bellows Duster should always be used when applying insecticide dusts. 

Dusts are an ideal pesticide option when pest activity is known or suspected to be in enclosed spaces such as behind baseboards, inside wall voids, beneath cabinetry, or other inaccessible areas. Making small puffs or clouds of dust into these target areas will allow for maximal pest exposure while allowing the dust to settle with a long residual effect. Pests attempting to move into the treated area will likely be incapacitated for months. Unless otherwise specified on the product label, insecticide dusts should not be applied on exposed surfaces such as floors, baseboards, inside drawers or cabinets, or other such locations. 

There are several organic and synthetic dusts available on the market today, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Drione Dust, a long-used dust product by many professionals, combines Silica Gel base with Natural Pyrethrins for highly effective control of a broad spectrum of insects. Delta Dust is a water-proof synthetic pyrethroid, making it an ideal option for moisture-associated insects such as carpenter ants. Cimexa has emerged as a favorite dust for many bed bug exterminators. When selecting a dust product, it is best to compare dusts in relation to the specific pest problem you happen to be dealing with, as not all dusts are equally effective in all situations. 

Before attempting any pesticide dust application, please be sure to read the product label in its entirety for application instructions, usage restrictions, and recommended personal protective equipment. If you need professional pest control assistance with any of your pest control need, please Find a Local Exterminator Now. 

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