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BirdBuffer Bird Repellent 1 Gallon Pump Spray Kit

BirdBuffer Bird Repellent 1 Gallon Pump Spray Kit

Brand: BirdBuffer


  • Eco-Friendly Bird Control
  • Water Soluble Safe and Effective Formula
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe for plants, fabric and painted surfaces.

Publisher: BirdBuffer

Details: Safely and humanely repels all types of birds: Geese, Ducks, Pigeons, Crows, Sparrows and more! Easy to Apply, EPA Registered, Eco Friendly, Non-toxic, not harmful for humans and animals, but makes non-nesting, flying birds go away. Excessive birds can bring disease and cause unsightly mess. This is a safe and humane way to train birds to stay away. Now you can rid your property of nuisance birds easily, humanely, and effectively. Why does BirdBuffer® Timed Release Bird Repellant work? While the scent is pleasant to humans and animals, birds do not like the aroma at all-it is a grape scent. Flying birds naturally avoid areas with the grape aroma. Your BirdBuffer® Pump Spray Kit includes: 1 Gallon jug of Avian Control Fluid, one 8oz bottle of Avian Spray Mix, one 1 Gallon pump up Sprayer, one measuring cup, one pair of gloves, Easy to Follow Instructions. Instructions for use: Refer to the product label for complete directions, rates and cautions. Always read and follow all label directions. 1. Add Avian Control Fluid, Avian Spray Mix, and Water in 1 gallon sprayer and mix thoroughly. 2. For best coverage, apply a fine, even mist over bird problem area. 3. Apply every 7-14 days or after each lawn mowing or rain. 4. Watch the birds fly away!!