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Collection: Granular Insecticides & Baits

Which Granular Insecticide & Baits are the Best? 

Granular insecticides refer to granular pesticide formulations that are designed to kill on contact or through some mode of action other than ingestion. Granular baits are products that work only upon ingestion. In either instance, which product is best depends upon several factors, including which pest is being targeted and what environmental factors might be at play. 

Granular baits are an EXCELLENT option for certain species of ants, including the Red Imported Fire Ant, Carpenter Ant, Big Headed Ant, and others. Hands down, our top-rated granular bait products is MaxForce Complete Insect Granule, which provides tremendous protection and lasting results against a broad spectrum of insects. Granule insecticides such as Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide have certain application as well, particularly when treating large expanses of turf or where advanced penetration or absorption into the soil is desired. 

Because of their two very different modes of action, any treatment strategy including granules should begin with an understanding of how the granule is intended to impact certain insect species. Many baits lose their palatability and effectiveness upon getting wet, while many insecticide granules are sprung into action by moisture. When considering granular baits or insecticides, please be sure to review the label requirements of all products and consult a licensed professional in your area should you require additional support. 

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