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Spectracide Bug Killer (16 oz. Can)
Spectracide Bug Killer (16 oz. Can)
Spectracide Bug Killer (16 oz. Can)

Spectracide Bug Killer (16 oz. Can)

Brand: Spectracide


  • Keeps killing for up to 12 weeks (excluding mosquitoes, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets)
  • Kills on contact
  • For household use
  • Non-staining

Publisher: United Industries Corporation

Details: Spectracide Bug Stop Flying & Crawling Insect Killer Aerosol helps protect your home from a variety of indoor and outdoor insects. Kills ants*, fleas, spiders, roaches and flies on contact. Once applied will keep killing up for to 12 weeks when pests come in contact with the spray (excluding mosquitoes, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets). *Excluding fire ants and pharaoh ants. INDOORS: FLYING INSECTS: Houseflies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets, Gnats, Skipper Flies and Small Flying Moths: Spray windowsills, window and door frames, and other indoor surfaces where these insects may land. Close all doors and windows and spray upward into center of room with a slow, sweeping motion. Spray 5-10 seconds for average room, moving toward the door. Direct spray to all parts of the room, especially windows and other light sources that attract these insects. Keep nozzle in constant motion. Leave room and keep area closed for 15 minutes after spraying. Ventilate room thoroughly before re-entry. Sweep up and discard fallen insects. CRAWLING INSECTS: Cockroaches, Waterbugs, Palmetto Bugs, Silverfish, Firebrats, Crickets, Spiders, Scorpions, Millipedes, Centipedes, Sowbugs, Stink Bugs, Boxelder Bugs and Pillbugs: Spray into hiding places such as cracks and crevices, behind sinks, cabinets, along baseboards and floors, around drains and plumbing, hitting insects with spray whenever possible. Ants**, including Carpenter Ants: Spray trails, nests and points of entry. Spray on ants where possible. Carpet Beetles: Spray directly on beetles, floors, baseboards, shelves and carpet. To Control Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles on wool and other proteinaceous fibers: Remove infested articles from storage, brush thoroughly, and air for several hours in sunlight, if possible. Apply spray for 5-10 seconds to empty chests, closets, bureaus and other storage areas directing the spray into cracks, joints and crevices. After airing, infested articles may be treated by spraying lightly, keeping nozzle at least 3 ft from fabric to avoid staining. Fleas & Brown Dog Ticks (Adults and Larvae): Remove and thoroughly clean or destroy pet bedding. Spray pet sleeping quarters, bed, entire floor and floor covering, paying special attention to cracks and crevices around baseboards, and window and door frames. Infested upholstered furniture and mattresses may also be treated with this product. A test application should be made to upholstery or drapery fabrics in an inconspicuous place before use. OUTDOORS: Point nozzle away from face. Hold can at slight downward angle. For best results, spray when air is calm. Allow a few minutes for product to take effect. Spray with wind if breeze is blowing. FLYING INSECTS: Flies, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Hornets, Yellowjackets, Gnats and Small Flying Moths. Allow fog to drift over area. Direct spray toward bushes or grass from at least 4-6 ft away. Give special attention to breeding areas such as garbage cans and compost piles. CRAWLING INSECTS: Ants**, including Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Mole Crickets, Centipedes, Stink Bugs, Boxelder Bugs and Silverfish: Spray infested surface of patio or picnic area, hitting as many insects as possible. Also spray legs of tables and chairs to repel ants. Spray ant hills for best control. ** Excluding fire ants and pharaoh ants

UPC: 071121962355

EAN: 0071121962355

Package Dimensions: 10.1 x 2.7 x 1.8 inches