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Snake Scram Snake Repellent (22 Lb. Pail)

Snake Scram Snake Repellent (22 Lb. Pail)

Brand: EPIC


  • Clover Oil .508% Cedar Oil 3.00% Cinnamon Oil .508% Oil of Rosemary 1.50% Garlic Oil .030% All organic ingredients, non-toxic and environmentally safe.
  • Designed and formulated for professional use by Pest Control Operators, Landscapers, Grounds & Golf Course Superintendents, and all Landscape Installation & Maintenance Professionals. Safe for use around stone piles, wood piles, home foundations, garages, barns, sheds, gardens, flower beds, landscapes and pools
  • Ready to use


Details: Snake Scram Professional is the strongest all-natural deterrent effective in repelling most snakes, including many poisonous species such as rattlesnakes and copperheads. Our granular formula contains no chemicals, does not wash away quickly, and is safe near families and pets.