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Protecta Sidekick Rodent Rat and Mouse Bait Stations (6 Stations)

Protecta Sidekick Rodent Rat and Mouse Bait Stations (6 Stations)

Brand: ProTecta


  • Economical Alternative to Non-Tamper-Resistant Rodent Rat and Mouse Bait Stations/ 1 key per order or 1 every 6 Stations
  • Constructed from impact-resistant, injection-molded plastic, Sidekick holds up well in temperature extremes.
  • In the field, it works as both a bait station and a monitoring station.
  • Vertical bait securing rods hold Bell's BLOX securely in the station.
  • As a monitoring station, it holds TRAPPER T-Rex Rat Snap Trap which captures rats as they enter the station.

Publisher: BELL LABS

Details: Heavy-duty PROTECTA Bait Station is made of injection-molded plastic to withstand the toughest baiting situations indoors and out. This tamper-resistant bait station features a durable "living hinge" that lets technicians open and close the station over 100,000 times without fracturing. PROTECTA Bait Station is ideal for perimeter baiting and can be attached to a permanent structure or staked to the ground for added security. It locks with a locking screw and unlocks with an Allen key wrench (included).

Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 14.3 x 10.1 inches