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PrevSol Professional Infrared Thermometer Gun

PrevSol Professional Infrared Thermometer Gun

Brand: Prevsol


  • OPTIMIZE THE PERFROMANCE OF YOUR PREVSOL BED BUG HEATER: On occasion, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies will resist heat treatment from bed bug heaters; This infrared thermometer gun finds those spots so you know where to direct your heat
  • FIND COLD SPOTS WITH EASE: When finding cold spots is of the utmost importance, you need a thermometer gun you can count; USA-designed and manufactured, this professional-grade product is the right choice for you
  • INSTANTLY MEASURE TEMPERAUTRE WITHOUT CONTACT: Best-in-class hardware in this infrared thermometer gun instantly measures temperature anywhere in a room without making contact with any items
  • PACK AND USE ANYWHERE: Small enough to fit the palm of your hand, this thermometer gun is the perfect addition to any at-home heater set up or professional pest control supply rack
  • QUALITY ENSURED: Engineered with industrial-grade materials and state-of-the-art performance designs, this infrared thermometer gun is the finest temperature reader in its class; in terms of durability and fast, accurate temperature sensing, there is no better choice

Publisher: Buggy Beds


Bed bugs like to hide in hard-to-reach nooks, crannies, and crevices. Sometimes, these spots are so hard to reach that heat itself has a difficult time diffusing into their air space. In these rare situations, bed bugs can persist, even after the use of a bed bug heater. Thus, when using a bed bug heater in your room, you want to be sure to check the temperature of all regions immediately after treatment. The easiest and most effective way to do this is with a high-performing thermometer gun like this handheld professional grade non-contact infrared thermometer gun from our engineers at PrevSol. Perfect for checking temperatures in even the hardest-to-reach places, this infrared thermometer gun is an essential addition to any bed bug heating system.

In terms of accurate and efficient performance, this gun puts all other thermometers to shame. Engineered for lasting performance, it features best-in-class hardware capable of accurately and precisely reading temperatures in small spaces virtually instantaneously. Plus, it's both non-contact and portable, meaning you don't have to touch it to a surface to get a temperature reading, and you can pack it for use anywhere. Once you've gotten your temperatures, simply reposition your heater and proceed accordingly with treatment.

Using infrared technology to get accurate temperature readings in the blink of an eye, this infrared thermometer gun is the industry standard for non-contact temperature testing. At a price that both pest control professionals and property owners will love, it's a must-make investment for any bed bug heater set up. Order your battery-powered handheld professional grade non-contact infrared thermometer gun and take care of your bed bug problem once and for all.

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