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Prevsol Bed Bug Heater Indoor Fire Sprinkler Cover

Prevsol Bed Bug Heater Indoor Fire Sprinkler Cover

Brand: Prevsol

Color: Styrofoam


  • KEEP SPRINKLERS FROM GOING OFF DURING BED BUG HEAT TREATMENT: Our bed bug heaters heat ceiling spaces to temperatures as high as 140-degrees Fahrenheit; These sprinkler covers keep your sprinklers from going off by insulating them from heat
  • REDUCE TEMPERATURE BY AS MUCH AS 30 DEGREES: These indoor fire sprinkler covers are tested to reduce temperature around sprinkler valves by as much as 30 degrees during heat treatment
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STYROFOAM CONTSTRUCTION: No need to worry about lifting a bunch of weight; These sprinkler covers use lightweight Styrofoam to achieve insulation
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simply loop around handle, pull the attached cord away from the house, and slide to lock cover to insulate your sprinklers
  • 2 REUSEABLE SPRINKLER HEADS INCLUDED: Each package includes 2 reusable sprinkler heads for use in residential and commercial indoor locations

Publisher: Zimbo


As their name suggests, bed bug heaters use heat to exterminate bed bugs in an indoor space. Bed bugs die at 111̊F. Their eggs die at 117̊F. Our heaters here at PrevSol heat rooms to temperatures of 140 degrees to ensure that all bed bugs are eradicated without any residual damage to the treated room. Unfortunately, our heaters can also cause indoor fire sprinklers to go off, which can cause residual property damage. Thankfully, there is an easy fix for this issue. The sprinkler head covers must be used over your sprinklers to ensure that they do not go off during bed bug heat treatment.

Overhead sprinklers react to heat. When a room gets too hot, they go off. During bed bug heat treatment, these sprinkler head covers insulate sprinklers to keep the surrounding air temperature from getting too hot. That way, sprinklers don't go off-even when the rest of the room is considerably hotter than usual. Rated to reduce temperatures around sprinklers by as much as 30 degrees during heat treatment, these sprinkler cover solutions are perfect to use with any one of our PrevSol bed bug heater systems.

Attaching these covers to your ceiling sprinklers couldn't be easier. Simply follow the three steps written on each cover: Loop around the handle, pull the attached cord away from the house, and slide to lock the cover. Plus, their lightweight Styrofoam construction makes lifting these covers up to your sprinklers a breeze, even if you have to get on a ladder. If you're looking for a fast, easy, and 100%-reusable sprinkler cover solution to use during bed bug treatment, these specially designed products have you covered. Each package contains 2 reusable sprinkler covers.

UPC: 648620984685

EAN: 0648620984685