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Premise Foam Professional Termite & Ant (18 oz. Can)
Premise Foam Professional Termite & Ant (18 oz. Can)
Premise Foam Professional Termite & Ant (18 oz. Can)

Premise Foam Professional Termite & Ant (18 oz. Can)

Brand: Bayer


  • Imidacloprid 0.5%
  • Premise Foam is for use in and around insect galleries, spaces between wooden structural members, voids, crawlspaces, basements, attics, decks, fencing, siding, damaged wood, foundations.
  • Premise Foam Kills and Controls Termites Wood-infesting Insects Carpenter bees and Ant Infestations

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Publisher: Bayer

Details: Premise® Foam
Premise Foam delivers precisely formulated dry foam every time, under any conditions, to attack termite problems on the spot. No measuring, mixing or waiting around required. Fast and easy to use – ideal for targeted applications.

The original non-repellent termiticide available in a portable instant foam.

Ready-to-use can means no bulky equipment needed
No setup time or mixing concerns
Long-lasting residue delivers long-term termite control
Undetectable by termites
Expands at a 30:1 ratio to thoroughly cover hard-to-reach areas such as inside termite galleries, wall voids, floor joists and more
Pests controlled
Ants, carpenter bees, wood-infesting beetles/borers, drywood termites and subterranean termites

UPC: 785740104231

EAN: 4903120808821

Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 2.7 x 2.6 inches