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Longray Carryall ULV Fogger

Longray Carryall ULV Fogger

Brand: Longray


  • ULV electric fogger that produces fine, 5-50 micron droplets.
  • 20-inch Heavy-duty Flex-Hose.
  • Powered from a standard wall outlet -- no propane, no emissions (besides your fog)
  • Works with water and oil-based pesticides, disinfectants, deodorants, and fogging agents.
  • 1 year warranty.

Publisher: Longray

Warranty: 1 year


The Longray Carryall ULV Fogger comes with extra features that help you work more efficiently: A precision valve on the nozzle so you can adjust flow rate. A heavy-duty flex hose so you can direct spray into narrow spaces and around corners.

Adjustable flow rate. A precision regulating valve lets you control flow rate (0.0-7.0 gal/hr).

Usability touches. The Longray Carryall ULV Fogger comes with convenience features, including: A 20 in heavy-duty flex hose so you can spray into hard-to-reach areas like under carpets, above ceilings, and between furniture. An adjustable-length fabric strap so you can work more comfortably. A power-line reel to keep the power cable organized. The tank holds up to 1.6 gal of solution so you waste less time refilling.

Built to last. The unit's vortex nozzle is designed to be clog-resistant. The solution tank is made from rugged, chemical-resistant polyurethane. A one-way valve protects the engine from liquid backflow.

Replacement parts available. Fast shipping from U.S. parts supplier.

UPC: 609722742672

EAN: 0609722742672

Package Dimensions: 17.5 x 14.0 x 8.5 inches