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Kness Pack Liquid / Granule Ant Bait Stations, Box of 12

Kness Pack Liquid / Granule Ant Bait Stations, Box of 12

Brand: Kness

Color: Kness Ants No More Ant Bait Stations, Box of 12


  • 2 bait compartments for granular and liquid baits, use 2 baits simultaneously, interior sliding bait stop reduces bait spillage increasing safety
  • Multiple entry holes increase ant movement in and out of trap resulting in quicker elimination of ant colony
  • Tamper resistant lid prevents accidental opening and keeps children safe
  • Stations are UV resistant keeping bait active longer, stamped lid identifies products used and target pest preventing misuse
  • For use in and around homes, commercial, industrial, institutional, food and feed handling establishments

Publisher: Kness

Details: The ants no more ant bait station is placed out doors by simply sticking it in the ground, or indoors by inserting it into the soil of planters. Place wherever foraging ants are causing a problem - around homes, buildings, near shrubs, trees, flower beds or planter boxes. The foraging ants enter the ant bait station and take the bait from one of two compartments back to the nest. You eliminate the foraging ant problem by eliminating the heart of the problem - the nest. The ant bait station is made of rugged green polypropylene - so it blends with outdoor surroundings. The twin-bait compartments allow use of two different baits simultaneously. It is highly tamperproof, waterproof, and due to it's innovative design the bait will not spill out of the entry points.

UPC: 616639337211

EAN: 0616639337211

Package Dimensions: 18.0 x 12.0 x 5.0 inches