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InVade Hot Spot Bio Foam Drain Cleaner (16oz.)

InVade Hot Spot Bio Foam Drain Cleaner (16oz.)

Brand: Invade


  • Odor eliminating microbes
  • Invade Hot spot can be used to clean stains on carpets and works well on soda, juice, milk, wine, beer, food residue, oil, urine, vomit, and most other organic material. Hot Spot can also be used in drains, garbage disposals, litter boxes, trash cans, and other scummy or smelly surfaces.
  • Comes ready to use.

Hazardous Material Type: Unknown


Details: Invade Hot Spot is a great product that can be used to clean almost anything from soap scum to pet stains, it can even be used as a drain cleaner. Containing citrus oils and odor eliminating microbes, Invade Hot Spot is an all around product that is versatile and effective.

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches