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Industrial Disinfectant - Total Release by Chemco - Industrial Strength Fogging Disinfectant - 3 Aerosol Cans/Case

Industrial Disinfectant - Total Release by Chemco - Industrial Strength Fogging Disinfectant - 3 Aerosol Cans/Case



  • Industrial strength disinfectant available for household use.
  • Kills germs, virus, harmful bacteria & fungus
  • Kills MERSA and Avian-influenza
  • Kills germs and bacteria and is: verucidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, bactericidal
  • Non-chlorinated, Non-ozone depleting, Meets California VOC requirements

Publisher: Chemco

Details: Industrial Disinfectant - Total Release By Chemco - Industrial Strength Fogging Disinfectant - 3 Aerosol Cans/Case - Total Release malodor counteractants are designed to kill germs, viruses, bacteria, fungus and eliminate odors in a large area by releasing a volume of product that eliminates airborne odors as well as odors embedded into walls, carpet, ceiling tiles, drapery, upholstery, etc. Total Release is a high powered, fine mist, total release fogger that will penetrate and chemically neutralize malodors at the source. Total Release has a delightful citrus scent. Unpleasant odors can often be difficult to eliminate. Constant cleaning and spraying will never completely remove stubborn germs and smells that have embedded themselves into walls, carpet, ceiling tiles, upholstery, etc. Cigarette smoke, cooking odors, body odors and post fire odors are just a few of the most common foul odors that persists in this fashion. This product is especially effective against nitrogenous and sulfurous odors emanation from urine, feces, decay, rancidity, animals and mildew. If odors continue to return after extensive cleaning then it is time to use Total Release Malodor Counteractant. Total Release chemically changes the organic material causing the odor so that the foul smells will not return after the fragrance has dissipated. Each canister will treat up to 6,000 cubic feet or area, eliminate odors from floor to ceiling in one easy treatment and leave the room smelling clean and fresh. Many public and common areas can not be treated conventionally due to traffic occupancy. With Total Release simply set off the canister at the end of the day when the area is unoccupied and by morning the air is nice and fresh without anyone being inconvenienced. Total Release is one of our many earth friendly aerosol product all of which are package in recyclable canister that makes it easy for the end user to help protect our precious natural resources.