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Dr. T's Snake Repellent Hose End Spray (32 oz)

Dr. T's Snake Repellent Hose End Spray (32 oz)

Brand: Havahart


  • Plant, People and pet safe when used as directed
  • Treats up to 500 Square feet
  • Provides immediate protection from invading snakes
  • Deters snake activity around houses, woodpiles, flowerbeds and more

Publisher: Dr. T's

Details: Protect your property without harming by using Dr. T's snake-a-way hose-end snake repellent. This ready-to-use spray can be used to treatup to 500 sq.' & takes effect immediately after application to begin deterring snakes right away. To use, simply attach your garden hose to the bottle's sprayer head & apply where you are experiencing snake activity. You can also use as a perimeter treatment, which will create a barrier to keep snakes out of protected areas. Snake-a-way works by disrupting a snake's olfactory sense organ to disorient the snake so it slithers away in search of fresher air. While it effectively disorients non-poisonous snakes such as garter & corn snakes, it is not harmful to them. In addition, when used as directed, snake-a-way is safe for people, pets & plants. For best results, this snake repellent should be reapplied after heavy rains to ensure continued effectiveness.

UPC: 036348364160

EAN: 0036348364160

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 4.7 x 2.2 inches