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Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack
Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack
Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack
Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack
Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack

Black Flag Fly Stick, 6 Pack

Brand: Black Flag


  • TRAPS FLYING INSECTS: Once they land, they never leave because of strong sticky-coating on cylinder
  • ATTRACTS FLYING INSECTS: Just add honey or syrup in the bottom cup and glue traps will do the rest
  • USE INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Use anywhere flying insects are a nuisance & fly trap will get rid of them
  • HOOK INCLUDED FOR HANGING: For best results, hang vertically with all sides of the glue trap exposed
  • GUARANTEED: Guaranteed to work or your money back. See product label for details

Publisher: United Industries (full casepacks)

Details: ⚫ Black Flag ⚑

The first Black Flag product was sold in 1833. Since then, the brand has always stood for extremely effective insect control but the technology behind the brand has continuously evolved.

◉ What is Black Flag Fly Stick?

Black Flag Fly Stick is a really simple yet effective way to control insects in your home. When bugs lands on the surface of the strong sticky-coated cylinder, they would never be able to leave it. All you have to do is put it in a place where are sides of the cylinder are exposed and let it do the rest.

◉ Make it More Effective!

Black Flag Fly Stick will work more efficiently if you will add 1 tsp of honey or syrup to the bottom plastic cup. It will attract more insects and increase the efficiency. Also, when it will catch some of the flying insects, those insects will also attract more insects. That will make it even more effective.

◉ Work for All Annoying Flying Insects

Black Flag Fly Stick will work as a fly trap, mosquito trap and moth trap. It can be use in the kitchen, living room and bedroom inside the house as well outside of the house. That makes is really versatile yet cost-effective solution.

➤ Note

Replace Black Flag Fly Stick when the stick is full. Will last up to 3 months depending on number of flying pests and insects attracted to the stick. Do not touch the sticky-coated cylinder.

Package Dimensions: 17.6 x 10.9 x 3.3 inches