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BirdBuffer Timed Release Bird Repellant

BirdBuffer Timed Release Bird Repellant

Brand: BirdBuffer


  • Effective Bird Control
  • Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • Battery Operated for easy placement in small or open areas.
  • Easy to use programmable timer for custom settings.

Publisher: BirdBuffer

Details: (Not Available in AK, CA, NY or HI) The BirdBuffer® TR Kit is a timed-release, eco-friendly answer to getting rid of pest birds, safely and humanely. It's easy-to-use, programmable aerosol spray unit dispenses mist automatically at preset intervals. It uses a pressurized natural grape solution that causes non-nesting birds to leave the treated area. BirdBuffer® TR does not harm birds, humans, or the environment. The BirdBuffer® solution is registered with the EPA and is effective against all types of flying birds. It is the affordable, automated bird control solution, for around the home or workplace. Your BirdBuffer® Timed Release Kit Includes: a timed release programmable dispenser, 2(two) 8-oz. aerosol cans of Avian Fog Force Bird Repellent Instructions for use: Refer to the product label for complete directions, rates and cautions. Always read and follow all label directions 1. Attach BirdBuffer TR dispenser to wall or post in bird problem area. 2. Insert 2 "D" cell batteries (not included) 3. Set internal timer for 12 or 24 hour cycle and choose your preferred spray frequency. 4. Insert one can of Avian Fog Force TR Bird Repellent (up to one month supply) 5. Close the dispenser and watch the birds fly away! Why does BirdBuffer® Timed Release Bird Repellant work? While the scent is pleasant to humans and animals, birds do not like the aroma at all-it is a grape scent. Flying birds naturally avoid areas with the grape aroma.