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BirdBuffer TF ~ Quiet Thermal Fogging Kit

BirdBuffer TF ~ Quiet Thermal Fogging Kit

Brand: BirdBuffer


  • Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic, Bird Control
  • Immediate results
  • Propane Powered
  • Easy to use.

Publisher: BirdBuffer

Details: BirdBuffer® Thermal Fogger silently produces an eco-friendly bird-repelling vapor that encourages birds to leave the area quickly. The BirdBuffer® TF makes even the smallest of pest birds find other places to roost and nest. The handheld fogger is easy to use and gets birds to leave right away. The BirdBuffer® Quiet Thermal Fogger is the perfect tool for humane and effective avian relocation. Instructions for use: Refer to the product label for complete directions, rates and cautions. Always read and follow all label directions. 1.      Add Avian Control Fluid to the TF reservoir. 2.      Attach a small filled propane cylinder (not included) to the BirdBuffer® TF unit. 3.      Hold the BirdBuffer® TF to direct a light fog to towards the target area. 4.      Watch the birds fly away! Your Kit Includes: one BirdBuffer® Quiet Thermal Fogger, one ½ Gallon of Avian Control Fluid. Why does the BirdBuffer® Quiet Thermal Fogging Kit work? While the scent is pleasant to humans and animals, birds do not like the aroma at all-it is a grape scent. Flying birds naturally avoid areas with the grape aroma.