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Invade Bio Drain Gel Drain Cleaner (1 Qt)

Invade Bio Drain Gel Drain Cleaner (1 Qt)

Brand: Rockwell

Color: Orange


  • 4 oz per drain
  • Microbes and Citrus Oil
  • This product is to be used specifically for drains but can also be used to eliminate sugar snakes in soda fountain drip trays. It is also safe and effective to use in mop buckets and trash chutes and urinals.

Publisher: Rockwell Labs

Details: Invade Bio Drain is a scum eating citrus oil that breaks down bacteria that can cause clogs in drains and eliminate drain flies. It can be used daily and only requires water. With a thick syrupy consistency, it sticks to the walls of the drain and the product begins to break down the organic matter present. Each application of Invade Bio Drain requires only four ounces.

UPC: 798837840851

EAN: 0837654797242

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.7 x 3.3 inches