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Nevada Pest Control Regulations

Nevada Pest Control Regulations

Nevada Department of Agriculture
Nevada Department of Agriculture
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Starting a Pest Control Company in Nevada

Step 1: Select License Categories

Pest control licensing in Nevada is divided into four fields of pest control: Aerial, Agricultural Ground, Urban and Structural, and Consulting. Within each field are several pest control categories. You should familiarize yourself with these fields and categories and identify which categories your business will be practicing. Fields and categories are described here.

The most common categories in Nevada are the Limited Landscape (C1) and Industrial and Institutional (C2) within the Urban and Structural field.

Step 2: Primary Principal

There are a few steps to complete before submitting a Pest Control Business License Application and starting a pest control company in Nevada. The first step is to identify a qualified person to serve as Primary Principal for the company. In Nevada, pest control companies are required to have a designated Primary Principal for each category of pest control in which the company operates. Primary Principals are responsible for record keeping, regulatory compliance, providing training to operators, and maintaining good standards of practice across the company. There are education, experience, and background check requirements to serve as Primary Principal, but this position does not need to be held by the company owner or manager. Qualification requirements are described in Section 2 of this guide.

Step 3: Company Name Application

Prior to submitting a business license application, you must submit a Pest Control Company Name Application. This form allows the department to evaluate the company names you have selected for excessive similarity to existing pest control companies in Nevada. This helps to protect businesses’ reputations, while protecting consumers from brand confusion.

Step 4: Business License Application, Certificate of Insurance, Primary Principal License Application

Once you have a qualified Primary Principal and a business name selected, you are ready to submit a Business License Application and a Primary Principal License Application. Additionally, your insurance company must provide a Nevada Certificate of Insurance to the department prior to the issuance of your pest control business license.

Operator Licensing: Operator License Applications may be submitted along with the Business License Application, or any time after the operator has completed testing. However, each operator must be licensed with the business before performing pest control.